Preserving Your Investment

CCPM maintains a pool of skilled contractors to address the ongoing repair and maintenance needs of your property. We establish specifications for contract services like landscaping, HVAC, security, lighting, parking lots, fire suppression and monitoring systems and other items that require regular inspection, testing and care. We manage the tenant improvement (TI) construction process to ensure quality build outs and timely move-ins. And we are on call 24/7 to manage emergency property issues that may interrupt business or cause harm to your investment.
We handle every aspect of building repairs and maintenance including but not limited to:

  • Regular property inspections.
  • Development and tracking of CAM budgets.
  • Implementing preventative maintenance programs and strategies for reducing operating costs and conserving energy.
  • Retaining maintenance logs in managing assets.
  • Providing thorough personnel screening and management.
  • Verification of compliance with insurance requirements for all vendors.