Tenant Representation

As a Tenant Representative we act as your strategic advisor with a goal of lowering your commercial real estate costs and occupancy risks while maximizing workplace flexibility and productivity.  We begin the assignment by reviewing with the tenant their rationale for the decision to be a tenant rather than to buy and/or build a facility as there are distinct advantages to both alternatives.  Once this fundamental decision has been confirmed we work with the client to determine the appropriate amount and type of space needed before scouring the market to develop a short list of alternatives meeting this basic criteria.  Proposals for each of the short listed properties will be solicited and thoroughly analyzed to establish economic and non-economic factors to be used in the decision process.  This information will be presented in an easy to understand matrix format to the decision makers within the organization.  Once a decision has been made we will manage lease negotiations with close attention paid to ensuring a tenant has options for growth, flexibility and savings.  We have the deep experience and market knowledge to connect you directly with street-level insights and aggressively negotiate on your behalf.  We understand what motivates owners and know the ins and outs of the leasing process to deliver creative solutions and bottom line results.

Landlord Representation

Successful leasing is the foundation for creating value in commercial real estate.  As your Landlord Representative we create and enhance value through our intimate knowledge of the local marketplace, maximizing rental values, knowing where opportunities exist and what it will take to realize them.  Our services run through the entire development cycle from initial concept and project feasibility through the leasing and sale of the completed product and beyond.  We have the established relationships with the users of space in the markets we serve and understand their needs.  We provide a comprehensive platform of exposure for each property using the best tools in the industry.  A successful leasing campaign ensures no missed opportunity and informed decision making.