Tenant’s Success = Landlord’s Success

Current Commercial Property Management (CCPM) believes in forging strong partnerships between building managers and tenants. These relationships enable us to know what is going on at a particular site and help us identify problems which are not always identified by visual inspection.  During informal visits tenants may voice concerns about the structure, management, other tenants, or neighborhood problems which adversely affect the tenants business.  We are then able to proactively follow up with solutions that meet your needs as well as the tenants’ needs.
In addition CCPM manages every aspect of the owner/tenant relationship for you including but not limited to:

  • Auditing of leases to ensure compliance with all contractual requirements of both tenant and landlord.
  • Ongoing tenant communications and formal tracking of property or contractual concerns.
  • Monitoring of rent escalations and lease option dates.
  • Tracking tenant sales and percentage rents.
  • Rent collections and enforcement actions as necessary.
  • Retention and management of security deposits.
  •  Coordinating maintenance tasks, fire inspections and walk-throughs.
  • Move-in and move-out logistics.